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Luca Ubiali Web Developer

Hello, I’m Luca.
I make websites.

I’m a web developer. I can built a site from the database all the way up to HTML, CSS and Javascript.

Laravel and Tailwind CSS are usually the two things that must be in all my projects.

All that goes on in between, the flavor of the project, can change. I like how natural it feels to use Livewire and have PHP across the whole stack. But I’m now friend again with Vue thanks to Ineria.js.

What am I coding? Group

My day job is at GDC Group as Principal Developer. This is where most of my coding efforts go. GDC Group is a Laravel based company which allowed me to explore a lot of the Laravel's ecosystem.

Visit GDC Group (external link)

Wine Bugle

Wine Bugle is a blog about wine. The official reason behind it was experiment with keyword research and SEO. The unofficial one was to have excuses to uncork nice bottles of wine and visit places where they are made.

Visit Wine Bugle (external link)